Instructions for presenters

In-person talks

  • Oral presentations are 15 mins talk + 5 mins questions/change-over
  • All talks will be live-streamed via Zoom but will not be recorded
  • In order to help maintain our schedule, we request that you present using our computer in the conference room to minimise change-over time
  • In order to do this, we ask that you upload your slides using this Dropbox link. Please upload your slides the day before your talk. You should also bring a back-up of your slides just in case (e.g. on a USB drive).
  • In the event that it’s necessary to present using your own computer (e.g. you have a masterclass or need to show special content) then you will need to be set up for livestreaming your talk for the remote audience. In this case, please download Zoom and make sure you can log-in to Zoom with an account before your presentation. You will then need to give your in-person talk while simultaneously screen-sharing from your computer via Zoom to allow our remote/online participants to see your presentation. You can download Zoom and sign-up for a free account here:

Lightning talks

  • Lightning talks are 5 mins pre-recorded videos, which will be hosted on Slack
  • All registered authors will receive an email with an invitation to the Ultrafest X Slack workspace
  • You should upload your 5-minute presentation to your author Slack channel by 27 October (i.e. one week before the conference)
  • Once in Slack, find your channel with your author name and upload your video
  • Please make sure your video is no longer than 5 minutes, otherwise we will not be able to include it in the schedule
  • If you would like to give your lightning talk in person, please get in touch with the organisers